29-12-2010 / 07-01-2011 Australian Nationals
All F2 FAI events and Australian Rules events
The 64th Australian Nationals were held in Dalby, Qld, from December 29th 2010 to January 7th 2011.    ... more

12-12-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Rat Race; Simple Goodyear
CLAMF Aerosports club made the most of a glorious day to hold their monthly competition and Nationals practice day. Early morning drizzle cleared and winds eased making the day suitable for all C/L classes. Pilots and mechanics made the most of the conditions to refine motor and model combinations for the upcoming 64th Nationals in Dalby, Queensland. ......  ... more

21-11-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Rat Race; Simple Goodyear
A perfect day greeted the small band of Vintage A & Classic B team race enthusiasts whose turned up for the club day on the Knox grass. Sunny and around 25c with light winds gave perfect flying conditions. Those that got there first took turns to push the mower around the circle. The grass was growing wild ......  ... more

17-10-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Rat Race; Simple Goodyear
The recent cold and wet weather deterred a few of the regulars from turning up at the Frankston field for the days competition and flying the scheduled racing events over the grassed area was not an option due to the boggy conditions. True to form, the Combined Speed flyers turned up ......  ... more

2/4-10-2010 Albury T/R & Speed Meet
NSW State Championship events F2A & F2C; and Combined Speed; Classic B; Vintage A
Results and Photos.

Reports to follow
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12-09-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
F2F T/R; Classic FAI T/R; Vintage Combat
A blustery cool day greeted 3 contestants for Classic T/R at CLAMF at Frankston today. Lance and I had spent some time over the past few weeks preparing 2 models for today's meet. Also to make up the numbers Harry and Peter Roberts flew a Vintage A model. Not strictly “cricket” but the thing is to get people flying to enjoy the day.   ......  ... more

08-08-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Classic Stunt
Notes to follow ......

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11-07-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; NavyCarrier
Despite the weather forecast for high winds, we had a good day, the wind not causing any problems; this is a big advantage at Frankston as the scrub creates a wind barrier. Many times I go not expecting to fly and yet have no problems there thanks to the bush.  ......  ... more

Midge Speed; 1/2A T/R; Simple Rat Race; Mini Goodyear

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16-05-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; F2F; 1/2A Combat
The recent rain has given the Frankston field a lush green colour and combined with a pleasant warm day with minimal wind it all made for a pleasant flying day. The Speed fraternity were early on the scene and quite a few models were put through their paces. A social sausage sizzle took place at lunchtime to feed the hungry. After lunch the F2F team racers were in action on the concrete and  ......  ... more

F2 events; Vintage A; Classic B; Vintage Combat; Classic Stunt; Vintage Stunt
Control line enthusiasts were blessed with near to perfect flying conditions for the Victorian State Champs Super Sunday on April 4th, 2010 at the Knox field. Combined Speed, Vintage A, Classic B, F2B Aerobatics and finally Vintage Combat meant there was rarely a moment with out a model in the sky. Great for the spectators too although you need to be early to get a good car parking spot! ......  ... more

14-03-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Mini Goodyear; Simple Rat Race; Simple Goodyear
The Frankston Club had a glorious day to hold their monthly competition day on Sunday 14th March. The enthusiastic crowd were treated to warm sunshine, slight breezes and a freshly cut, well prepared field. Events listed for the day were Mini-Goodyear, Simple Rat Race and Simple Goodyear. In addition to the competition activity, stunt and sports flying took place during the course of the day. ......  ... more

14-02-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Navy Carrier; Mini Goodyear (Re-scheduled Nats event)
Good calm, but warm weather greeted us for our first speed comp for the year, we have not had one for a while.  ......
Andrew Nugent did not have a good day had 1 flight with his Class 1 but blew plug so put it away and got his Perky out. He has just recovered it in silk instead of tissue as it had some holes, and gave it a spruce up, but on starting it caught fire and was almost destroyed.
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07-02-2010 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Navy Carrier Demonstration
CLAMF transported the Deck over to the Knox field for the CLAG flying day. Almost perfect weather conditions for the five competitors that fronted to fly.
New model this time was Mat Shears with a large OD Wildcat powered by a fairly tired OS 40FSR. With a more reliable donk this big sucker should fly really well ... certainly won't miss the side profile in the air !!..
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