28-12-2009 / 06-01-2010 Australian Nationals
All F2 FAI events and Australian Rules events
The 63rd Australian Nationals were held in Albury, NSW, from December 28th 2009 to January 5th 2010. The aerobatics events were run on grassed surface at Alexander Park where there was sufficient room for up to seven circles, allowing for plenty of practice flying. The entire area was well mown for our purposes.   ... more

13-12-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Flying Day

Good weather for the last comp of the year, but unfortunately not many fliers, just the few regulars. Just when you think the Class is growing it slows off: Why? So many go to the trouble to build a model and cannot be bothered to fly.
Thankfully people like Noel turn up all the time. I won't be able to fly yet for months due to the shoulder repair. 
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06-12-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Flying Day

Weather on Sunday 6th December proved near perfect for any class of model flying. With the upcoming 63rd Model Aircraft Nationals to be held in Albury, many took the opportunity to fine tune model and engine combinations.   ... more

08-11-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Rat; Aussie A; Triathalon
CLAMF Aerosports had a glorious day to hold their monthly competition day on Sunday 8th November. The enthusiastic crowd were treated to a hot sunshine, slight breezes and a freshly cut, well prepared field. Air temperatures in the mid 30's made for challenging flying conditions.  ... more

18-10-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
1/2A Combat; Speed; F2F Team Race
Perfect weather and a great turnout made for some real quality competition with Speed, F2F Team Racing and 1/2A Combat on the schedule. Fun flyers also revelled in the conditions taking advantage of the great weather conditions.  ... more

04-10-2009 Albury T/R & Speed Meet
NSW State Championship events F2A & F2C; and Combined Speed; Classic B; Vintage A
At the Albury meet for the NSW F2C and F2A State Champs, there were many delays in the racing and speed program due to the damp weather.  The drizzle did not clear until after lunch on Sunday when conditions became ideal. The program was held at the magnificent hard stand facility at the Twin Cities Club. We cannot forget the foresight and generosity of the MAAA and State aero modelling bodies ......  ... more

13-09-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Navy Carrier; Vintage Combat
Melbourne turned on what can only be described as an amazing day for CLAMF Aerosports competition and fun fly activities. A few intermittent spots of rain did not deter those who make the trek to the flying field for perfect flying conditions. CLAMF Aerosports Seaford flying site was officially becalmed for the first time in 4 months !!! ......  ... more

09-08-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Classic Stunt; Simple Rat; Simple Goodyear; Swap Meet

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12-07-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Balloon Burst; Limbo; 2.5cc Rat Race (Riverside Trophy)
Club members who made the trip to the flying field were greeted with gusty winds and inclement weather. Racing commenced at midday with 2.5cc Rat Race (Riverside Trophy) flown in trying conditions. ......  ... more

Mini Goodyear; 1/2A Team Race; Midge Speed; Simple Rat Race

 ......  ... more

14-06-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
A reasonable amount turned up for our winter comp today, the forecast was for 13 degrees and 10-20 knot winds, but the weather turned out to be great. We have been lucky with most of our speed comps over the years; I think GOD must have been a speed flyer.
I flew my 2 line .21 Nova Rossi in Class 2; it is a big and heavy FAI type with pipe.
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24-05-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Vintage A; Classic B
In Vintage A, there were just four teams entered. Murray Wilson and Lance Smith broke their model in practice so that left 3 and it was straight into a 180 lap final.
Classic B was a real thriller with the result up in the air until the final seconds.
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17-05-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Navy Carrier; Simple Combat; Open Combat
The forecast inclement weather on competition day did not deter die-hard pilots who arrived early to once again take up the Navy Carrier challenge. Skies cleared late morning and competitors were greeted with light winds and mild temperatures, perfect for Navy Carrier flying. After a BBQ lunch, Navy Carrier operations commenced with all competitors enjoying successful flights. ......  ... more

F2B; F2C; F2F; Vintage A; Classic B; Vintage Combat; Classic Stunt; Vintage Stunt
It was absolutely perfect Easter weather at the Knox field for 'Super Sunday' at the Easter State Championships. A big crowd turned up to watch racing, aerobatics, combat and speed. Car parking space was at a premium.
Vintage A had 8 teams flying. CD Alan Lumsden kept the event moving at a fast pace.
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15-03-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
F2C; Goodyear; Mini Goodyear; F2F; Classic FAI
Reports etc to follow ......  ... more

F2B; F2C; F2F; Vintage A; Classic B; Vintage Combat; Classic Stunt; Vintage Stunt
Team Racing at the 2009 South Australian State Champs
While the NSW guys were enjoying their Hunter Valley Champs, flyers from South Oz, Victoria and W.A. congregated in Murray Bridge, Monarto and Callington for the annual S.A. State Champs on the long weekend of March 7,8 & 9.  ... more

01-03-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed (held over from 08 Feb)
A big contingent of speed and sport flyers attended the rescheduled club competition. Light winds made for great flying although the varying temperature and intermittent drizzle made finding the 'elusive' engine setting a challenge.
Fellow competitors and the crowd also took a great interest in a new emerging class of team racing in Australia - Classic FAI. Several demonstration and 'benchmarking' flights took place throughout the day.
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22-02-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day at Knox
Vintage A & Classic B Team Race
Perfect weather greeted a small but enthusiastic bunch of flyers at the Knox field on Sunday morning, February 22nd, 2009. Winds were light and variable and temperatures in the high 20's were a welcome relief from the mid 40's a couple of weeks back. The brown grass on the KMAC field was to be expected as ......  ... more

08-02-2009 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Navy Carrier; Vintage Combat
Sunday's rain and cool breeze was a welcome change after Saturday's brutal 46.4 C and 80kmh wind. The Carrier Competition got under way once the rain cleared. Models flown were all Profile Class 2 (up to 0.40 cu in), the Bearcats and Corsairs were built from the old GS kits which are now being reproduced by Brodak, ......  ... more