28-12-2008 / 03-01-2009 Australian Nationals
All F2 FAI events and Australian Rules events
Vintage A had the strongest entry of any of the racing events. This follows the tradition established way back in the early 90’s when the first VTR event was held at the Bendigo Nats and attracted over 20 teams.
CLASSIC B Team Race was definitely the racing highlight of the ‘08/09 Albury Nationals. Of the original 12 entries, 11 teams took to the air and provided some of the closest racing ever seen in this country. There are more than half a dozen teams who for various reasons couldn’t make it ...... 
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09-11-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Rat; Aussie A; Triathalon
Another good entry for speed again with a full days flying. This time we had 6 PERKY, with the fastest time of the day going to new guy Mick Lewis. I only test flew it before the event, then he had 3 flights in the pylon.

Who said speed was hard; he had never flown on hard surface before, mostly combat and sport models. 
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4/5-10-2008 Albury T/R & Speed Meet
F2A Speed; F2C Team Race; Classic B Team Race; Vintage A Team Race
The Albury Team Race & Speed Weekend was held on Oct. 4 & 5, 2008. Those two weekend flying days were blessed with near perfect weather. At least in Melbourne, both Friday and Monday would have been considered too wet and windy to fly. Typical of Spring weather down under. The fantastic hard surface at the Twin Cities MAC for control line speed and racing events is a tribute .......  ... more

21-09-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Vintage Combat; Navy Carrier
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17-08-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Classic Stunt; Simple Rat; Simple Goodyear
We finally had our Speed comp for August after being postponed due to wet cold windy conditions last week.
A good entry with a few away etc. The day was good considering weather during week, with a few sprinkles of rain early, but ended sunny and perfect for some speed "fun." 
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13-07-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Balloon Burst; Limbo; 2.5cc Rat Race
A cold start greeted members for the CLAMF Aerosports July 2008 competition. With many members now finalising preparations for the 2008 Control World Championships in France, focus shifted to fine tuning of equipment instead of the usual calendar events. Combined Speed did progress albeit with a few familiar faces missing from the line-up. Jackson (No.1 CLAMF Aerosports Junior) competed in his first Combined Speed event with excellent results.  ... more

15-06-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; FAI & Mod Combat; 1/2A Combat
CLAMF Aerosports made history on Sunday 15th June 2008 with the first Perky Speed competition to be held in Australia. Four competitors and their Perky Speed racers successfully completed 2 rounds of Perky Speed. The day's event schedule also included a well supported 1/2A Combat competition with many exciting and challenging combat bouts.  ... more

01-06-2008 Victorian State Championships - Local Events
Simple Rat Race; 1/2A Team Race; Mini-Goodyear; Midge Speed; Perky Speed
A cold start greeted competitors for the 2008 Victorian State Championships local event schedule. These competitions are traditionally held over the Easter long weekend (if time permits) otherwise re-scheduled to suit the Victorian competition calendar. Near perfect flying conditions made for great racing with excellent participation from Victorian members. Sport flyers also enjoyed the calm conditions to refine model and engine combinations. Vintage Combat enthusiasts wowed the crowds with several impromptu demonstration bouts. Yet another action packed Sunday at CLAMF Aerosports!  ... more

18-05-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Classic B Team Race; Vintage A Team Race;
Navy Carrier
I'm sure it won't rival the Barton Bash in the UK but a small group of Melbourne Vintage A enthusiasts
put on their race faces and got stuck into the action this Sunday, May 18th at the Frankston hard circle. 
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13-04-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Speed; Simple Goodyear; Simple Rat
Many modellers travelled to the Frankston flying field to compete in Speed and Simple Rat Race competitions. Weather on the day started out a little cold and blustery as a predicted change moved through. Early afternoon conditions proved ideal for members to also test Vintage combat, stunt and a variety of racing models. The club BBQ also had a work-out with demand again exceeding supply!  ... more

21/24-03-2008 Victorian State Championships
Vintage A: The 2008 Victorian State Championships were held on Easter Sunday at the Knox field. Weather was fine, if a little breezy. Nine teams fronted and each were given two chances to qualify for the final. This event was run on 46' 8" lines.

1/2A Combat: Eighteen entries in this event indicated that it would take some time to complete. After a 1pm start the father and son Ray’s did a great contest directing job of pushing the event along but it was 6 30 pm before the contest concluded.  ... more

09-03-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
F2C Team Race; Goodyear; Mini Goodyear; Vintage Stunt.

10-02-2008 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
FAI & Combined Speed; Navy Carrier; Vintage Combat
Our first Navy Carrier Comp on our new deck went off reasonably well. Entries were a bit light on due to a few unfinished models and a bit of equipment failure on the day, nevertheless everyone except Peter managed to put in two official flights with varying degrees of success. ... more