09-12-2007 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
FAI Team Race; Goodyear; Mini Goodyear; FAI & Combined Speed
The day's events started with the Speed model pilots arriving early in the morning to make full use of the concrete circle before the bulk of the team race guys arrived. Speed stalwart Noel Wake did not fly any models on the day but was there to help out with model timing and also put on the cooks apron for the lunchtime sausage sizzle. The speed pylon was removed from the centre circle ... more

24-11-2007  NAVY  CARRIER
On Saturday 24th November 2007, CLAMF Aerosports members launched a new Navy Carrier Deck.
CLAMF Aerosports members constructed a state-of-the-art 8 section deck totalling 32 feet (9.75 metres) in length, specifically for the Navy Carrier event.
See photos of the carrier deck, models, and the certification crew.
... more

11-11-2007 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
FAI & Combined Speed; Aussie A Team Race; Simple Rat Race; Triathlon; Sport flying
The Frankston Club had a glorious day to hold their monthly competition day on Sunday 11th November. The enthusiastic crowd were treated to warm sunshine, slight breezes and a freshly cut, well prepared field. Events listed for the day were Combined Speed, Aussie A Team Race, Simple Rat Race and Triathlon. There is always plenty of space for sports flying and quite a lot of that went on as well. ... more

14-10-2007 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
Classic B Team Race; Vintage A Team Race; 1/2A Combat; Sport flying.

Results of 1/2A Combat.
A cloudy morning soon gave way to a fine day with moderate winds abating to light in the afternoon. It was a good day for flying with four teams each in A & B. We would have had the usual six teams but
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29/30-09-2007 New South Wales State Championships
All results  ... more

09-09-2007 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
FAI & Combined Speed; Vintage Combat; Carrier Deck Sport flying.
Vintage Combat
Nine entries turned up to Frankston to fly Vintage Combat on a sunny but breezy day, 2 good close bouts, 2 one sided bouts in Round 1 due to a midair a glow engine that wouldn’t restart, the repercharge round saw 2 entries eliminated which left us with 7 in round 2, Tony Caselli had a bye in rd 1 so flew 2 bouts in round 2 which he won, we lost 3 entries in rd 2  ... more

12-08-2007 CLAMF AEROSPORTS Competition Day
FAI & Combined Speed; Classic Stunt; Mini Goodyear (State Champs); Sport flying.
Classic Stunt Results.... (etc)
A cold gusty wind made flying a bit interesting. Mark managed to persuade his well worn Nobler to stay away from the ground long enough to come out on top. John also did a nice job handling the conditions with his Tucker,  ... more

6/9-04-2007 Victorian State Championships
Vintage A Team Race.... (etc)
Super Sunday on the Easter weekend dawned to near perfect weather. Unfortunately for quite a few contestants it was more like U2’s ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’... The KMAC field had not been mowed so an hour was lost as teams of contestants took turns to push the mower and rake the grass.  It is not unreasonable to expect earlier preparation of the host site on the day of a State Championship with ...  ... more