63rd Australian Nationals 2009-2010

Albury N.S.W.
28th December 2009  - 5th January 2010



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A 1/2 A Combat  
CD: Ken Maier Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6
1 M Wilson W W W W W W
2 M Lewis W L W W W L
3 T Caselli W W L W L  
4 K Baddock W W W L L  
5 H Bailey W L W L    
6 M Davies L W L      
6 M Ellins L W L      
6 T Linwood W L L      
6 G Wilson L W B L    
10 B Burke L L        
10 M Dislers L L        
10 R Owen L L        



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B 1/2 A Team Race  
CD: Graeme Wilson Final
1 C Ray / Stein 8:02.60
2 Hunting / Hunting 8:35.32
3 M Wilson / Lumsden 9:51.43

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C 2.5 Rat Race  
CD: Rob Fitzgerald Rd 1 Rd 2 Final
1 M Wilson / Lumsden 307 DNS 579
2 Justic / Owen 275 DNS 505
3 Ray / Ray 217 268 474
4 K Hunting / Baker 248 DNS  
5 McDermott / McDermott 72 DNS  


  Pilot action becomes a little frantic in an almost-no-rules-allowed-to-whip event.
Pilots are
green Murray Wilson; yellow Richard Justic; blue Colin Ray
Video courtesy of Mark Godfrey

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D 2.5 Junior Rat Race  
CD: J & C Ray Rd 1 Rd 2 Final
1 L Hines 85 88 164
2 Tom Linwood 77 0 159
3 Trent McDermott 100 92 121



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E Bendix  
CD: John Hunting Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 G Wilson / Owen 3:17.62 DNS 6:57.19
2 M Wilson / M McDermott 3:32.25 DNS 7:19.07
3 Hallowell / Baker 3:39.78 3:33.56 7:33.97
4 Bonello / Heath 3:37.69 3:41.50  
5 Bellis / Bellis DNF 75 3:49.81  
6 T McDermott / Taylor DNF 50 4:12.94  
7 Ray / Ray 4:58.84 DNF 28  



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F Burford Vintage A Team Race  
CD: Murray Wilson Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Hunting / Hunting 4:09.94 4:01.19 8:07.31
2 G Wilson / Ellins 4:04.60 4:17.07 8:09.57
3 Bailey / M McDermott DNF 42 4:09.00 8:16.22
4 Letchford / Walton 3:44.56 DNS DNF 129
5 Ray / Ray 4:15.31 DNS  
6 Hallowell / Baker 4:16.19 4:20.93  
7 Justic / Kerr 4:45.75 DNS  



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G Class 2 Team Race  
CD: Noel Wake Rd 1 Rd 2 Final
1 Bailey / Ellins 2:55.28 DNS 6:11.24
2 G Wilson / Lumsden 3:16.50 DNF 58 6:32.97
3 Hallowell / Baker 3:13.63 Disq DNF 68
4 McDermott / McDermott 3:26.69 3:29.22  
5 Justin / Owen 3:39.19 4:21.50  
6 Ray / Ray Disq 4:07.13  



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H Classic B Team Race  

Nine teams were ready for the action. The big question this year was how would the new ball race engines fare? The variety of engines now in Classic B allows for most interesting and innovative racing. The first five places all used different engines… Enya PB 25, LA PB 25, Irvine .25 BR, OSFX 25 BR and PB Brodak B25R. And check out the amazingly close times… the three fastest teams in the heats were all within 31/100ths of a second! Just like last year, there’s something about Classic B and split second times!

The first round saw a Queensland blitz and a smokin’ 2.57.69 heat time to the Macca’s. Trent and Mark looked the goods with the OS 25FP own design racer. With John Taylor doing a great job on battery, they were favourites after the first round. Especially as Fitz and Paul had a most unusual slow stop when the Enya momentarily refused to fire up. However, true to form, these talented two got their act together in the second round with a FTD of 2.59.60.

Harry Bailey and Steve Walton started slowly with the Irvine .25 Galaxie and then got their magic act together in the second round with a brilliant 2.57.91. It was a fantastic effort for the Irvine’s first race.

Hallowell/Baker had lost the edge in pace with the FX that was always there in practice back in Melbourne. They had much work to do in the second round. Using the B25R, they missed a first flicker at the start, losing 5 or 6 seconds and were never going to make up that extra time. So it was a best of 3.07.50 and for the first time since Classic B became a Nats event in 2002, there was not going to be a JH racer in the final…

G.Wilson/Ellins were slick as usual but despite two very smart and consistent times, lacked the extra grunt to shave those 2 or 3 laps off their heat time. Jim and Colin Ray had the new FX bolted into their Crescendo and were timed at 15.4/7 in solo practice. Their best heat time of 3.04.75 and a fourth place would no doubt give this very determined team high hopes for the Vic. State Champs.
  Was great to see Mark Godfrey team up with Duncan Bainbridge and throw his hat and ‘one big arm’ into the circle! The FX engine in the Swooper was on the new side and will perform even better with more running. Bottom line is they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Last year’s winner Murray Wilson (with Lance Smith) had Bryce Young doing handle duties this time. They had a very disappointing day with fuel feed problems with the B25R that just wouldn’t go away and derailed Murray’s efforts for back to back titles.

The Dream Team of John and Ken Hunting were using an FX and will improve dramatically on their best heat of 3.15.41 in the not too distant future.

It was time for the final. At Contest Director Keith Baddock’s signal, all teams were quickly away. It was a really good race with little between the models in airspeed. Harry’s BR Irvine was up against Paul’s PB Enya & Maccas OS LA. There were two Rockets vs a Galaxie. As usual, landings and restarts were going to play a big part in the result. A second here, a second there…it’s all about saving precious time.

It looked like Paul & Fitz had a very slight edge in speed. Just enough over the 140 laps to make a difference and grab their first win in Classic B at the Nats. The way that Enya goes, it’s unlikely to be the last. The Supermacs were not far behind with Mark McDermott wowing the spectators with some amazing ‘mid air slips catches’. Harry and Steve were just a few laps further back.

A good crowd was watching and they burst into spontaneous applause at the finish to acknowledge some really clean flying and excellent pit work. Young Trent McDermott flew extremely well against very experienced opposition. He will be even better on his home turf next year. Roll on Dalby!

John Hallowell
AUS 1984
CD: Keith Baddock Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Fitzgerald / Stein 3.29.38 2.57.60 6.03.82
2 McDermott / McDermott 2.57.69 3.24.94 6.11.13
3 Bailey / Walton 3.20.28 2.57.91 6.17.22
4 Ray / Ray 4.08.34 3.04.75  
5 G Wilson / Ellins 3.05.47 3.06.50  
6 Hallowell / Baker 3.11.41 3.07.50  
7 Hunting / Hunting 4.04.31 3.15.41  
8 Bainbridge / Godfrey DNF 49 3.30.60  
9 M Wilson / Young DNF 17 DNF 21  


  One of the Round 2 Heats
Pilots are
white Duncan Bainbridge; black Harry Bailey; grey Ken Hunting
Video courtesy of Mark Godfrey


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J Classic Stunt  

The event was CD'd by Doug Grinham and judged by Alan Matthieson-Harrison and Herb Hanna.

Placings were determined by taking the higher of the two flight scores.

Although the breeze was fairly constant there were no surprises for anyone and happily, no casualties.

The eights were flown "lazy" style but with vertical intersections in the horizontals as opposed to the usual 45` intersections .... some found this uncomfortable to do at first.

Seven of the models flown this year had appeared at previous Nats - Dave Lacey's immaculately finished Pow Wow with an OS 40FP, Doug Grinham's aging but well kept '51 Nobler with a Double Star 40, Frank Battam's "Green Box" Nobler/ST46 combination, Peter Anglberger's dark green Grondal Nobler/AMA Special with an OS 35S for power, PJ Rowland's colourful red, white and blue Stalker 61 powered Nobler, Reg Towell's familiar black and orange Mk11 Thunderbird/ST46 combination and Steve Masterton's aging and battle scarred Chizler with a reliable ST46 up front.

The remaining seven new models, although not necessarily recently built, included Don Keyssecker's two tone blue Kismet. This Ken Taylor design from the late 50s was powered with a happy sounding OS 35FP which hauled it around with ease.

Benalla's John Floate produced a very neat late 50s Ramrod running a Brodak 40 that put out ample power for the job. John's 40 started well and ran sweetly at all times while the model turned well and appeared to be quite stable in flight.


Jon Witzke's Nobler, although on the heavy side, was hauled around quite well with a Fox 35. Jon's tank was marginal in capacity which meant that he had to tune the Fox with little four cycle and fly the pattern with the minimum required laps to complete the pattern.

Mark Gordon flew a nicely built All Australian with an Enya 35 111B through some quite respectable manoeuvres. The Enya performed well, producing plenty of power and switching cleanly in the right places.

Peter Rowland's reasonably new Nobler with a vivid blue and red colour scheme on a white background really stood out on the ground and in the air. Peter's well used OS 35FP is still giving reliable service after more than a decade's running.

Tony Clifford's Phoenician, built early in 2009 and powered with a Tower 40, handled quite well despite needing a little further trimming. Flying in his first serious comp in many years and first ever Nationals aerobatics comp, Tony acquitted himself very well.

My five year old Rondinelli Venus handled the conditions pleasingly with the HP40 Gold Cup running well. Up until early in 2009 I had been flying it quite slowly at 5.4-5.5 second laps and was never happy with it. Around that time I accidently set it leaner, giving a 5 second lap which completely changed (and improved) the flight characteristics and the feel. Now flying at 5.1-5.2 seconds per lap it will definitely see a lot more air time.

Peter White
AUS 8765

CD: Doug Grinham 
Judges: Herb Hanna; Alan Matthieson-Harrison
Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Peter White
Venus (Rondinelli) / HP 40
1100.10 1127.40 1127.40
2 Reg Towell
Thunderbird Mk II / ST 46
1110.00 963.80 1110.00
3 Steve Masterton
Chizler / ST 46
978.00 1065.30 1065.30
4 PJ Rowland
Nobler / Stalker 61
1055.90 1031.90 1055.90
5 Frank Battam
Nobler / ST 46
963.50 1023.00 1023.00
6 Peter Anglberger
Grondal Nobler / OS 35 S
1010.60 925.50 1010.60
7 Doug Grinham
Nobler  / Double Star 40
976.00 1004.60 1004.60
8 Don Keyssecker
Kismet / OS 46 LA
828.00 742.00 828.00
9 Mark Gordon
All Australian / Enya 35
826.00 808.50 826.00
10 Tony Clifford
Phoenician / Tower 40
805.40 754.30 805.40
11 John Floate
Ramrod / Brodak 40
777.00 794.50 794.50
12 Jon Witzke
Nobler / Fox 35
758.80 717.70 758.80
13 Dave Lacey
Pow Wow / OS 40 FP
743.90 741.80 743.90
14 Peter Rowland
Nobler / OS 35 FP
688.50 677.00 688.50
15 Denver Harvison
All Australian Mk II / ST 46
535.00 0.00 535.00
  Col Collyer
? / ?
DNF DNF 0.00
Classic Stunt finalists:  Steve Masterton - 3rd  |  Peter White - 1st  |  Reg Towell - 2nd

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K Combined Speed  &  Jet Speed  

CD: Ken Hunting

Class Engine Fl 1 FL 2 FL 3 Fastest KPH %
1 Noel Wake 5 Novarossi 21 15.19 15.58 16.10 15.19 237.00 92.30
2 Noel Wake 1 Nova Rossi 12 16.015 15.575 15.22 15.22 236.53 89.62
3 Ron Blombery 2 Picco 28 12.00 NT 11.75 11.75 246.54 85.11
4 Andrew Nugent 1 Nova Rossi 12 NT 16.035 NT 16.035 224.51 85.06
5 Ron Blombery 5 Novarossi 21 16.87 NT NT 16.87 213.40 83.11
6 Richard Justic 2 Super Tigre X29 12.05 NT 12.28 12.05 240.40 82.99
7 Harry Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 30.18 30.31 30.97 30.18 191.97 79.95
8 John Taylor SJ   14.42 ATT ATT     79.47
9 Harry Bailey 1 OS CZ11 PS 17.20 17.48 18.02 17.20 209.30 79.30
10 David Axon SJ   14.635 15.08 ATT     78.30
11 Noel Wake 2 OS 30 VG NT NT  DNS     0.00





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CD: Andrew Nugent Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 KPH
1 Andrew Heath 12.76 12.61 12.43 289.62
2 Ian Gapps 12.59 12.96 12.57 286.39
3 Andy Kerr 13.30 NT 12.97 277.56
4 Richard Justic 13.73 13.02 13.66 276.49

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F2B  Expert


The 63rd Australian Nationals were held in Albury, NSW, from December 28th 2009 to January 5th 2010.

The aerobatics events were run on grassed surface at Alexander Park where there was sufficient room for up to seven circles, allowing for plenty of practice flying. The entire area was well mown for our purposes.

Weather was very warm throughout with light breezes that constantly changed direction accompanied by the occasional thermals. Rounds One and Two of F2B saw most fliers chasing the ever-changing breeze while for Rounds Three and Four the wind was up a little more, bringing with it some turbulence from nearby trees and a factory building across the road. These conditions continued on into Classic and Vintage days causing the occasional minor surprises.

The format was for four rounds to be flown and the best three round scores to be averaged to give a final placing score.

Thanks must go to all who officiated or helped in any way - CDs Doug Grinham and Paul Turner, - judges Joan McIntyre, Alan Matthieson-Harrison, Frank Battam, Russell Bond, Herb Hanna, Peter Koch, Peter White, - tabulators Sue Hegarty, Steve Vallve, - various score sheet runners - line pull tester Don Keyssecker. To all other helpers and gophers whose names I cannot recall, please consider yourselves thanked for your efforts.

Winding up the presentations, Murray Howell, on behalf of the contestants, presented Paul with two bottles of his favourite beverages in appreciation of his efforts in organising and running F2B.


Brian Eather competed with his familiar Stalker 61 powered Firecracker, putting in good open shapes with consistent bottoms. In Round Three he encountered some weird turbulence causing him to battle for three laps to get his model up to 45 degrees for the outside squares. An omitted set of manoeuvres in his Round Three flight may have changed the possible outcome for Brian.

Flying a quite new slightly modified Firecracker/Stalker 61LS combination, Bruce Hoffman put in some quite good manoeuvres although bottoms tended to vary. Bruce had the misfortune to flame out in the wingover in Round Two but managed to land inverted with virtually no damage.

Dallas (Herb) Hanna reverted to his familiar red and blue enlarged Grondal Nobler, aka as AMA Special, after a mishap with his new model in pre-Nats practice. His MVVS 51 ran flawlessly at quite high revs while the model sat well in the air and flew crisp corners.

Flying his O/D Firefly, Doug Grinham ran a side mounted Stalker 66 in a solid four cycle through all manoeuvres. The side mount arrangement totally eliminated the quirky behaviour shown by most .66s when mounted inverted. Although he tended to miss some of his intersections, Doug flew the Russian influenced profile model through some precise squares with neat pullouts.

Eventual second placegetter, Joe Parisi, powered his Hot Pursuit, a slightly modified Trivial Pursuit, with a superbly running piped PA 75. Joe, as usual, put in countless practice flights over the duration of the Nats capping off his efforts with four very sharp competition flights.

Western Australia's John Quinlan flew Round One with his Score powered by a Stalker 61LS. Arriving on the death knock and having too little time to really zero in on a needle setting, he battled through his only flight with slightly rich motor.


Later that day John was called back to Perth with business matters thereby having to forfeit his remaining three flights.

Mark Ellins again slotted in some good flying between his various racing events. The Stalker 61LT EX in his ex-Doug Grinham Jazzer started and ran excellently. Mark is capable of putting in a reasonably neat pattern despite competing in other pressure events at the same time.

Eventual winner by a narrow margin, NSW's Murray Howell is, like Joe, an intense competitor who puts in the time in the practice circle with appropriate results. Murray flew a Yatsenko Shark, barely putting a foot wrong while the Retro 60 produced power to spare irrespective of the heat, humidity or wind .... an impressive combination.

Queensland's Noel Corney returned to Nats competition with a Stalker 76 powered Trivial Pursuit. Some on-going run problems with the 76 caused Noel to pull out after flying two rounds.

Having improved the control geometry on his Wind Wonder, Paul Turner was able to put in some good patterns aided by a much more consistently running Stalker 61LT EX. This motor had been causing Paul some grief for the last year or so with erratic running but appears to have settled in at last to do the right thing.

Peter Anglberger from South Australia showed up with a nice flying Vector 40/OS LA46 setup. He had a few problems keeping the model on track when the wind came up but in general the model performed well. Peter this year stepped up to Expert class where his improved skills can be put to the test.

Seasoned campaigner, Reg Towell joined the fray with his Sea Fury derivative built around a Berringer wing with a swept forward hinge line giving more flap area. Reg's Saito 72 put out plenty of power to haul the 67oz model around with ease.

Making a return to the Nationals scene after a twenty-five year absence was SA's Russell Bond. Russell flew his O/D Bandolero 7 with an impressive PA 75 on muffler providing the urge. Despite weighing in the low 70ozs the Bandolero is quite snappy with no obvious stalling tendencies. For his first major comp in a long time, Russell handled the pressures well.

NSW flyer, Steve Masterton has been showing steady improvement for some time. Pullouts tend to vary in height but generally are neat. In an early practice session Steve seized a bearing in his Stalker 61 Pro Series. His replacement motor, a retimed Stalker, ran in a strong deep sounding four cycle with a gentle break up top to haul his Firecracker easily through the pattern.

Tony Bonello's Enigma 111 with its smooth running ST60 put up a good showing, its attractive green, red and white colour scheme standing out in the air and on the ground. While bottom heights varied a little Tony's manoeuvres were generally well shaped and smooth.

I flew my last year's model, a GEO XL with a Stalker 61LS. The package worked well with good power from the Stalker while the GEO felt comfortable and positive in the square and triangular manoeuvres.

The event was CD'd by Paul Turner and judged by Joan McIntyre, Alan Matthieson-Harrison and Frank Battam.

Peter White
AUS 8765

CD: Paul Turner  Judges: Joan McIntyre;
Frank Battam; Alan Matthieson-Harrison
Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Final Score
Av of best 3
1 Murray Howell
Yatsenko Shark - Retro 60
914.10 961.67 966.23 1001.10 976.33
2 Joe Parisi
Hot Pursuit / PA 76 (Pipe)
939.93 957.77 972.37 982.23 970.79
3 Peter White
Geo XL / Stalker 61
903.97 946.43 893.77 960.97 937.12
4 Paul Turner
Wind Wonder / Stalker 61
876.53 930.40 897.70 958.53 928.88
5 Brian Eather
Firecracker / Stalker 61
877.63 955.93 846.87 933.57 922.38
6 Reg Towell
Sea Fury / Saito 72
896.43 872.07 916.27 924.50 912.40
7 Tony Bonello
Enigma  / ST 60
846.47 830.03 896.93 892.87 878.76
8 Bruce Hoffmann
Firecracker / Stalker 61
819.53 26.93 885.60 902.33 869.16
9 Herb Hanna
Grondal Nobler / MVVS 51
834.70 881.77 10.00 879.00 865.16
10 Steve Masterton
Firecracker / Stalker 61
786.43 843.87 832.73 860.57 845.72
11 Mark Ellins
Jazzer / Stalker 61
766.07 803.43 826.53 863.93 831.30
12 Doug Grinham
Firefly / Stalker 66
782.07 820.27 835.57 824.33 826.72
13 Russell Bond
Bandolero / PA 75
765.50 816.80 757.40 889.33 823.88
14 Peter Anglberger
Vector / OS 46 LA
731.00 778.93 654.27 825.03 778.32
15 Noel Corney
Trivial Pursuit / Stalker 76
721.10 693.87 0.00 0.00 471.66
16 John Quinlan
Topflite Score / Stalker 61
645.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 215.03

F2B  Advanced



Seven flyers competed for the honours with last year's winner, Andrew Heath, again coming out on top with his ST60 powered Enigma flying well. Andrew's intersections and bottoms moved around a little while shapes were generally quite good. He also has a fine running .60 to make the job easier.

Col Collyer tended to fly high and large in Round One but improved on this in Round Two. He passed on the last two rounds due to commitments in other events

Perennial Denver Harvison flew his familiar derivative of Reg Towell's Caudron with an ST51 that started and ran flawlessly. Denver, whose heights and shapes, particularly squares, varied somewhat passed on Round Four.

Don Keyssecker's Vector/OS LA46 combination appeared to handle well. Don, whose flying has improved over the last year or so, was caught by some surprise wind direction changes that blew him around.


Jon Witzke put in a reasonably good Round One with his LA46 powered Tutor looking quite steady. Unfortunately, during practice prior to Round Two the model was wrecked, putting an end to Jon's part in the competition.

Mike Davie, also flying a Tutor/LA46 acquitted himself very well in his first Nats aerobatics competition to take out second spot. Mike is a combat flyer who shows a lot of promise in the aerobatics circle.

Peter Koch took out third place with a Vector/LA46 setup that performed quite well. Peter's heights and sizes improved as the event wore on and he settled in to the competition. As with many, his loops and intersections tended to wander.

CD for the event was Paul Turner and judges were Russell Bond and myself.

Peter White
AUS 8765

CD: Paul Turner
Judges: Peter White; Russell Bond
Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Final Score
Av of best 3
1 Andrew Heath
Enigma / ST 60
852.25 790.75 776.50 0.00 806.50
2 Michael Davies
Tutor / OS 46 LA
708.50 753.50 714.75 775.00 747.75
3 Peter Koch
Vector / Brodak 40
551.00 722.25 770.25 686.50 726.33
4 Don Keyssecker
Vector / ST 46
692.00 729.75 673.25 702.50 708.08
5 Denver Harvison
Caudron / ST 51
564.00 583.75 614.00 0.00 587.25
6 Col Collyer
Vector / ST 46
570.25 656.00 0.00 0.00 408.75
7 Jon Witzke
Tutor / OS 46 LA
594.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 198.00

F2B Expert placegetters:   Peter White - 3rd  |  Murray Howell - 1st  |  Joe Parisi - 2nd


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N F2C  
CD: Harry Bailey Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Final
1 Fitzgerald / Ellins 3:25.97 3:06.43 DNF 69 DNS 6:41.44
2 C Ray / Stein 3:31.37 3:26.06 3:12.25 DNF 35 7:04.66
3 M Wilson / Poschkens 3:12.53 3:07.43 3:59.81 3:19.58 DNF 141
4 Simons / Potter 3:22.29 3:14.50 3:24.41 DNF 47  
5 Letchford / Walton 3:35.00 3:47.32 3:46.28 3:33.56  
6 G Wilson / Baker 4:20.15 DNS 3:59.81 4:18.41  
7 Hunting / Hunting 4:18.00 4:53.50 6:32.06 4:11.25  

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O F2D  
CD: Robert Owen Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Pts
1 G Wilson W W B L W W W 4
2 B Bellis W W L W W L L 2
3 T Linwood L W W W L   W 1
4 P Krenske W L W W L   L 1
5 R Bellis L W W L       0
5 M Dislers W W L L       0
7 R Comiskey W L L         -1
8 M Wilson L L           -2
8 M Comiskey L L           -2
8 T McDermott L L           -2



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P F2F  
CD: Andrew Nugent Rd 1 Rd 2 Final
1 Bellis / Bellis 4:06.31 4:27.85 8:33.86
2 Cameron / Justic 4:24.34 4:32.94 9:13.05
3 Fitzgerald / Baker 4:03.19 DNS DNF 98
4 Letchford / Walton DNF 4:27.97  
5 Hunting / Hunting 4:33.34 4:44.50  
6 Young / Stein Disq 4:43.78  
7 G Wilson / Ellins DNF 36 DNS  
8 M Wilson / Poschkens DNS DNS  
9 McDermott / McDermott Disq DNS  



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Q Goodyear  
CD: Keith Baddock Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Justic / Owen 4:06.53 DNS 7:55.56
2 G Wilson / Ellins 3:58.72 DNS 8:42.12
3 Young / Stein 4:50.13 4:22.63 DNF 163
4 Hunting / Hunting 5:57.88 4:30.78  
5 Ray / Ray 4:57.32 DNF 34  
6 T McDermott / Bailey 5:05.78 DNF 12  
7 Bellis  Bellis DNF 0 DNF 64  



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R Junior 2.5 Combat  
CD: J & C Ray Rd 1 Rd 2
1 T Linwood W W
2 T McDermott L L

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S Open Combat  
CD: Graeme Wilson Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7
1 T Linwood W W W W L B W
2 T McDermott W W L W W W L
3 M Wilson W W B L W L W
4 T Caselli W L W W L   L
5 R Bellis L W W L      
5 K Maier W L W L      
7 B Bellis L W L        
7 M Comiskey L W L        
7 P Krenske W L L        
10 B Burke L L          
10 R Comiskey L L          
10 M Shears L L          




Open Combat placegetters:  Murray Wilson - 3rd  |  Tom Linwood - 1st  |  Trent McDermott - 2nd

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T Open Rat Race  
CD: Paul Stein Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 G Wilson / Ellins 2:53.66 DNS 5:07.72
2 M Wilson / Owen DNF 14 2:55.22 5:47.69
3 Bailey / Walton 2:52.59 DNS 6:20.09
4 Bolliger / Justic 6:00.25 DNS  
5 Hallowell / Baker DNS DNS  


  Photographer's description:  "Open Rat Race - scary...we only had one fly-a-way with a down line breaking......"  
  Pilots are green Murray Wilson; yellow Wally Bolliger
Video courtesy of Mark Godfrey


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U Vintage A Team Race  

The 2009/10 Albury Nats VINTAGE A T/R lived up to the pre race hype with a strong competition that was eventually decided by the smallest of margins…5/100ths of a second! Will have more to say about that later. In the meantime, just have a look down at the times and see just how amazingly close this competition was! It really was a case of split seconds deciding all the places.

14 teams fronted and it was great to see some new faces taking part in the action, in particular Walter Bolliger, John Goodwin and Mike Davies. May this be just the start of many new faces in this super popular racing event!

For anyone who can remember the 90’s, today’s depth of fast times seems almost ridiculous! The 3.31.78 by the Hunting brothers only got them into 12th place! The R250 has certainly changed the face of VTR. I am fairly sure that every competitor this year used a Rothwell engine, which may well be the first time this has happened. It also the first time that the new 15.92 m (52’.3”) line length has been used at a Nationals. With the extra speed of current racers, it is certainly a good move.

Contest Director Keith Baddock’s organization skills had this contest moving along nicely with little time lost between heats. The two West Aussie teams showed fine form with Bruce and Richard Bellis’s 3.21.09 only a second and a half away from making the final. Trevor Letchford and Steve Walton weren’t exactly hanging around either with a best heat of 3.24.40.

The McDermotts were flying the flag for Queensland… but where were all the other banana benders for the running of the post popular racing event in the land? Let’s hope some extra enthusiasm is there for Dalby at the end of the year. Mark and Trent were very fast and gave this race a huge shake with a 3.20.16 but found they were tipped out of the final by a little over half a second.

The ‘tippers’ were Graeme Wilson and Mark Ellins who posted a 3.20.00 and then followed it up with a 3.19.50. Now that’s consistency! The ‘surprise packet’ of this Nats had to be Murray Wilson and Andrew Nugent who stunned the crowd with equal FTD of 3.16.28. As regular mechanic Lance Smith couldn’t make it this year, it was left to Andrew Nugent to do the hard work in the pits. Murray’s recently finished Dimpled Dumpling and new R250 had blistering airspeed. Eyes boggled around the circle as he was able to pass Steve Rothwell’s new weapon a number of times during the race.

Also on the equal FTD of 3.16.28 was the gun team of Rob Fitzgerald and Paul Stein. They elected to sit on their very fast first round time knowing it was highly unlikely that three teams would beat it.
  John Hallowell and Neil Baker pulled out all stops in the second round after re-tuning the Pluto. However, their best time of 3.23.34 was simply not fast enough. The same can be said for Steve Rothwell and Dave Hines who were just a few heartbeats slower on 3.24.13.

Previous winners Andy Kerr and Richard Justic were competitive as usual but lacked the outright speed to dip under 3.20 and make the final. The Cosmic Rays looked the goods for a while but some slow stops put paid to their chances. Was good to see Duncan Bainbridge having another crack, this time with Vintage Combat ace Michael Davies doing the flicking. They were most unlucky to have a control problem with the lines during tuning for the second round that all but destroyed the Texan.

Harry Bailey and Mark Poschkens posted a best of 3.31, as did John and Ken Hunting. Really fast for years gone by but today, just over 10 secs shy of the top three. There is no doubt this event is really closely contested! On any day with a well tuned R250, a clean light model and a bit of good old fashioned luck, any team has the potential to make the final!

Walter Bolliger and John Goodwin may not have set the world on fire with their times but the smiles all round were great to see! They will surely do some more practice and be ‘ready to rumble’ for the next NSW VTR event.

The final promised to be super close D.D. fest. At Keith’s shout of ‘Go’, all teams were quickly in the air and evenly matched for speed. The pit stops were going to be crucial. Fitz and Graeme had a landing mix up that caused Wilson/Ellins to retire on lap 91 with a damaged model. Paul & Fitz lost vital time in the incident. Andrew and Murray had a slow second stop with a backwards start that no doubt cost them the race as their following stop was one flick. It was now a two up sprint to the line. It was anybody’s race. And it finished in a virtual dead heat in the closest Nats final ever! When the two timekeepers watches were averaged, there was just 5/100ths of a second between the two teams with the times going in favour of Rob and Paul. Well done and congratulations to the winners.

As they say in the classics,’ winners are grinners’. So Murray and Andrew can just please themselves… The good news is that we’ll get to see these two Dimpled Dumplings go head to head again in the SA S.C. in March and the Vic. S.C. at Easter. Can hardly wait!

John Hallowell
AUS 1984
CD: Keith Baddock Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Fitzgerald / Stein 3:16.28 DNS 6:57.20
2 M Wilson / Nugent DNF 41 3:16.28 6:57.25
3 G Wilson / Ellins 3:20.00 3:19.50 DNF 91
4 McDermott / McDermott 3:20.16 3:27.21  
5 Bellis / Bellis 3:26.53 3:21.09  
6 Hallowell / Baker 3:44.97 3:23.34  
7 Rothwell / Hines 3:24.13 3:27.46  
8 Letchford / Walton 3:34.88 3:24.40  
9 Justic / Kerr 3:26.37 3:25.22  
10 Ray / Ray 3:29.69 3:57.25  
11 Bailey / Poschkens 3:31.21 3:32.41  
12 Hunting / Hunting 3:31.78 3:49.43  
13 Bainbridge / Davies 3:44.78 DNS  
14 Bolliger / Goodwin 3:50.28 DNF 45  



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V Vintage Combat  
CD: Richard Justic Rd 1 Rep Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6
1 M Comiskey L W   W W W W
2 T Linwood W     W W W L
3 T Caselli W     W W L W
4 M Davies W     W W L L
5 H Bailey W     W L    
5 K Maier W     W L    
5 R Owen W     W L    
5 G Wilson L W   W L    
9 R Summersby L W W L      
9 P Lewis B W   L      
9 B Bellis W     L      
9 M McDermott W     L      
9 M Shears L W   L      
9 R Bellis W     L      
9 B Burke W     L      
9 M Ellins L W   L      
17 M Lewis W   L        
18 R Comiskey L L          
18 M Dislers L L          
18 P Krenske L L          
18 T McDermott L L          
18 B Pudney L L          
18 J Stivey L L          




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Vintage Stunt


Vintage aerobatics was run as the last of the aerobatics events. As for all of the previous aerobatics rounds, the breeze, although generally not uncomfortable, was ever-present and at times turbulent.

The event was CD'd by Dave Lacey and judged by Alan Matthieson-Harrison and Peter Koch while static judging duties were handled by Ken Taylor.

Of the eleven models entered, six were on their first Nationals outing. Dave Lacey's Jamison Special/K&B Stallion 35 setup handled well in the conditions as did Frank Battam's Jamison Special with its healthy sounding Atwood 49.

Don Keyssecker flew his last year's Lil Duper Zilch again powered with the teardrop exhaust Torpedo 29 that runs so well.

Eventual winner, Doug Grinham, produced a beautifully built Hearns Hobbies All Australian with an early model Sabre 49 in the nose. Doug had the motor cut early in Round One but he rallied in Round Two with the highest flight score for the event.

Jon Witzke this time had no worries with the tank range in his Nobler/Fox 35 setup. Jon was more confident in Round Two where he was able to settle and slightly improve his score.

The Gordon Burford designed Wombat flown by Maris Dislers performed well aided by a sweetly running CS 2.5 diesel. A nose-over on his Round One landing was of no help to his score. The Wombat was built to Maris's usual high standards with neat workmanship visible through dyed orange tissue.


Mick Lewis, flying last year's Viking/OS 40LA, had the misfortune to destroy the model in Round Two during the horizontal eights when he mistimed the change of direction into the outside part of the manoeuvre.

Paul Turner's faithful old Sabre 29 powered Wombat found the going a little tough in the breeze. It too suffered the indignity of a nose-over on the completion of its Round One flight. Paul has been flying this model and motor setup for many years ... I first saw it in 1997 ... and getting good service from it in that time.

Peter Anglberger's tidy little Ambassador appears to handle well with a Sabre 2.5 providing the urge. Peter knows this model well as he has been flying it regularly for three or four years.

Tony Clifford entered the event with a recently completed Zilch X using an early Fox 29 for power. The model was attractively finished in purple dyed tissue with yellow and white trimming.

Once again I flew my All American/Fox 29 combination which worked quite well. The Fox 29 is an excellent little stunt motor that rarely gives trouble.

Thanks goes to those who took on official duties and to all others who gave any assistance to help with the running of the competition.

Peter White
AUS 8765

CD: Doug Grinham 
Judges: Peter Koch; Alan Matthieson-Harrison
Static Rd 1 Rd 2 Final Score
1 Doug Grinham
All Australian / Sabre 49
127 246.5 353.0 480.0
2 Frank Battam
Jamison Special / Atwood 49
129 326.0 331.5 460.5
3 Peter White
All American / Fox 29
111 349.0 344.3 460.0
4 Maris Dislers
Wombat / CS Oliver 2.5 D
127 292.0 302.0 429.0
5 Peter Anglberger
Ambassador / Taipan 2.5 D
121 302.0 288.0 423.0
6 Paul Turner
Wombat / Sabre 29
128 286.5 275.0 414.5
7 Don Keyssecker
Lil Duper Zilch / K&B 29
128 236.0 255.2 383.2
8 Dave Lacey
Jamison Special / K&B 35
117 264.0 255.5 381.0
9 Tony Clifford
Zilch X / Fox 29
112 237.0 264.0 376.0
10 Jon Witzke
Nobler / Fox 35
90 246.5 276.5 366.5
11 Mick Lewis
Viking / OS 40 LA
115 246.5 174.5 361.5

Vintage Stunt finalists:  Frank Battam - 2nd  |  Doug Grinham - 1st  |  Peter White - 3rd


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