Typical spring weather was on the menu for Albury very early in October for the NSW State Champs for F2C and F2A. It was bursts of sunshine followed by lashings of wind and rain. You would think we would be used to it by now!


F2A Speed - NSW State Championship Event
Pos Name Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h  
1 Murray Wilson Profi 12.63 n/t 12.22 12.22 294.68  
2 Andrew Heath Profi 13.09 12.62 12.42 12.42 289.93  
3 Andy Kerr Profi 13.18 12.93 13.13 12.93 278.50  
4 Ian Gapps Profi 12.97 13.91 n/t 12.97 277.64  



Combined Speed
Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h  
1 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 14.91 15.00 18.67 14.91 94.03  
2 N Wake Class 1 OS TZ 12 15.12 15.29 15.96 15.12 91.66  
3 H Bailey Class 1 OS CZ 11 PS 17.86 17.96 17.48 17.48 79.29  
4 H Bailey Proto Novarossi 21 31.57 31.01 - 31.01 77.81  
5 K Hunting Class 1 OS CZ 11 P 21.13 - - 21.13 65.59  
6 J Hallowell Proto Novarossi 21 - - - N.T. -  
F2C Teamrace - NSW State Championship Event


Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3  Rd 4  Final
1 R.Fitzgerald/M.Ellins dq 3:08.34 3:24.03 3:13.36 6:42.35
2 G.Potter/H.Simons 3:21.53 4:08.65 4:11.38 3:54.31 6:51.85
3 M.Poshkens/M.Wilson 3:15.31 6:07.97 dnf 34 3:12.54 7:22.88
4 G.Wilson/N.Baker 4:06.40 3:35.72 3:29.06 -  



Classic B Team Race

Just as it was about to start, a rain front came sweeping across the field and plastic chairs were being blown across the circle... so it was decided to quickly start 3 two up heats in the rain and gusty wind before it got unflyable.

First were John Hallowell and Murray Wilson who recorded 3.01.47 with the Irvine Rocket. It seems whatever event Murray flies, Murray wins! The time would have been under 3 minutes but for a slow two lap glide after cutting out in the wrong spot.

The screaming OS FX Rocket of Chris Scully and Steve Rothwell hotly pressed John and Murray. The pair has been putting in long hours working on their setup with the aim of giving the Vics some real hurry up and I can tell you, their 14.8’s in a practice flight certainly raised a few eyebrows!

In their one and only heat, Steve and Chris stopped the clock at 3.08.28 but must have lost 10 seconds due to a fast landing and slipped catch.


Harry Bailey and Ken Hunting were third fastest with a 3.53 22 from the Brodak Galaxie. They swapped duties in the next heat but could only manage a 4.23.96.

Mark Poschkens showed he is not only one of the world’s best F2C pitmen, but is also a talented pilot. He had Andrew Nugent flicking, but the GMS was not on its best behaviour and wouldn’t fire up like it should. There were similar problems with the Cosmic Ray’s new Irvine .25. Now fitted to the old blue Crescendo, it proved recalcitrant and wouldn’t get off the ground in their heat. The engine even took ‘superflick’ Mark Ellins a while in the pits to get it running. I’m sure they will soon get this problem sorted out. When Irvines go, they really go. Just ask Harry Bailey, the reigning Classic B National Champ!

By now the black rain clouds were right over the field and the heavens were opening. It was time to get out of there so it was decided right then to stop the competition and compute the result on the heat times.

Classic B Teamrace  


  Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1 Hallowell/M.Wilson   3.01.47    
2 Rothwell/Scully   3.08.28    
3 Hunting/Bailey   3.53.22    
4 Bailey/Hunting   4.23.96    
5 Poschkens/Nugent   4.46.06    
6 Ray/Ray   DNS    

Vintage A Teamrace

Of the supporting events it was Vintage A that had the best entry with nine teams entered, so the racing began with 3 three up heats.

Murray Wilson followed up his extraordinary win in his maiden F2A comp by posting a FTD 3.14.97 with Nobby Baker flicking his own engine in Murray’s super fast Dimpled Dumpling.

Of the others, only G.Wilson/Ellins on 3.21.85 and Potter/Scully on 3.25.81 kept them honest.


The rest had problems of some sort that prevented them from having that elusive perfect race.

Think that’s why we keep coming back to try again… the thing is though, when it does happen, the pressure is really on to perform as well every time!

Winners were Murray Wilson and Neil Baker in the very good time of 6.37.16. Graeme Wilson and Mark Ellins were second in 6.50.47 and Grant Potter and Chris Scully were third in 9.53.91.

John Hallowell
AUS 1984

Vintage A Teamrace
Pos Name   Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1 M.Wilson/N.Baker   3.14.97 DNS 6.37.16
2 G.Wilson/M.Ellins   3.21.85 DNS 6.50.47
3 G.Potter/C.Scully   3.25.81 3.32.09 9.53.91
4 Ray/Ray   3.53.97 3.35.16  
5 Harvey/Simons   3.35.66 3.44.54  
6 Nugent/Hallowell   6.20.41 3.37.10  
7 Hallowell/Nugent   DQ 3.45.03  
8 Hunting/Bailey   6.00.66 4.00.91  
9 Bailey/Hunting   4.30.25 4.06.75