The much anticipated A & B racing at the NSW F2C & F2A titles in Albury in early October was greeted with wonderful weather. Sunny skies, light winds and Celsius temperatures in the low 20’s meant near perfect conditions for flying.

Entries could always be better with quite a few regulars conspicuous by their absence. However, eight teams lined up for both Vintage A and Classic B so some good racing was assured. And we were not let down with only fractions of a second deciding places in the finals.

F2A Speed - NSW State Championship Event
Pos Name Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h  
1 Ian Gapps Profi 12.14 12.31 dns 12.14 296.54  
2 Andrew Heath Profi 12.51 NEL 12.39 12.39 290.55  
3 Richard Justic Profi 12.87 ATT 12.88 12.87 279.72  
4 Andy Kerr Profi 13.03 13.33 13.17 13.03 276.28  


Combined Speed
Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 H Bailey Vintage Proto Irvine 25 32.48 35.23 32.55 32.48 178.38 94.70%
2 R Justic Class 2 Nelson 29 11.69 10.63 13.18 10.63 272.51 94.07%
3 N Wake Class 5 Nova Rossi 21 N.E.L 15.21 14.94 14.94 240.96 93.84%
4 L Smith Vintage Proto OS 25 FX 33.65 33.07 - 33.07 175.19 93.01%
5 N Wake Class 1 Nova Rossi 12 15.61 15.63 15.34 15.34 234.68 88.92%
6 R Justic Vintage Proto OS25la 36.12 - - 36.12 160.42 85.17%
7 A Nugent Class 1 Nova Rossi 12 17.45 16.86 17.00 16.86 213.52 80.90%
8 N Wake Class 2 OS 30 VG NT N.E.L 12.60 12.60 229.91 79.37%
9 H Bailey Class 1 ASP 12 22.45 21.72 - 21.72 165.75 62.80%
F2C Teamrace - NSW State Championship Event


Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3    
1 M.Wilson/M.Ellins 3:14.09 dnf 96 3:42.94    
2 R.Justic/P.Stein 3:22.40 3:16.00 dns    
3 G.Wilson/N.Baker 4:24.87 dnf 79 4:03.94    
F2F Teamrace


Rd 1 Rd 2 Final    
1 G.Wilson/M.Wilson Disq 3:54.72 7:52.63    
2 K.Hunting/H.Bailey 5:15.63 4:36.38 11:01.63    
3 B.Young/P.Stein 4:13.47 4:03.97 dnf 38    
4 G.Wilson/M.Ellins 4:13.03 dns w/drew    
5 J.Hallowell/N.Baker 4:44.04 dnf 0      
6 H.Bailey/K.Hunting dns dns      

Classic B Teamrace

Racing was scheduled to start immediately after the lunch break. At this NSW long weekend Albury meet, the R/C guys come in force to practice the secrets of the dark side… And that mean the Twin City Club’s canteen was working overtime to provide great food for all the modellers.

So with full stomachs, we began the afternoon’s racing. Graeme Wilson and Mark Ellins set the ball rolling with a fine 3.10.03 and followed it up with a 3.14 in the second round. Steve Rothwell and Chris Scully were again part of the action this time flying Richard Justic’s Rocket with LA 25 power. A best time of 3.26.25 was the result. Steve’s times are bound to improve as he has just taken delivery of an OS25FX fully worked by Lance Smith to go with his new Rocket plan.

Richard and Andy Kerr were flying Mark Godfrey’s orange Swooper with a modified OS FX25 up front. They were most unlucky not to post FTD and make the final. In the second round up against Wilson/Ellins, they were clearly faster with a great start and first stop. Then the inexplicable happened. After a perfect run on the first tank, the engine suddenly went lean and burped its way around the circle. Their race was over…still not sure if the problem has been solved, but it sounded a lot like a split fuel tube or leaking tank valve. Unfortunately in team race you have to take the good with the bad.

Bryce Young was fortunate enough to gain the services of national Classic B champ and master pitman, Paul Stein. Bryce was campaigning his new Grassfire with a B25R Mk4 up front. After a lean run in round one, they made a strong impression in round two rolling off an effortless 3.10.72.


Harry Bailey and Ken Hunting teamed up and should have blitzed the field as the Irvine powered Galaxie had won Combined Speed the day before, flying the best percentage of the class record. However, the instant starts were elusive and a best of 3.17 went into the CD’s notebook. They then reversed roles and flew Ken’s Brodak .25 racer and recorded a best of 3.14.41, just missing the final but still good enough for fourth place.

Murray Wilson and Lance Smith had a forgettable day with a fuel blockage in round one and a broken prop in round two. That’s racing…and why we look forward to next time, all the better for the experience.

In the final, all were quickly in the air. World Champ Mark Ellins was showing form in the pits with slick stops with the Super Swooper and B25R combination.

Hallowell/Baker were losing time on the ground with the OS 25FX. They were expected to 2 stop the race but landed 3 laps short. Had the laps been there, the finish would have been a lot closer.

Young/Stein continued with good landings by Bryce and blindingly quick stops by the master, Paul Stein. In the end they were just pipped by the experience of Wilson/Ellins who chalked up their 1025th win in T/R. Errr… just kidding of course… it only seems that many. However, I wouldn’t mind a dollar for every victory they’ve had over the years. You’d have a real good night out at a fine restaurant. Well done to the winners.

The Brodak powered racers were first and second and provided three out of the first four places, a top effort for this engine.

Classic B Teamrace  


  Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1 G.Wilson/M.Ellins Swooper/Brodak 25 3:10.03 3:14.47 6:32.69
2 B.Young/P.Stein Grassfire/Brodak 25 dnf 54 3:10.72 6:38.21
3 J.Hallowell/N.Baker Rocket/OS FX 25 3:10.66 3:33.91 7:11.90
4 K.Hunting/H.Bailey Galaxie/Brodak 25 3:17.16 3:14.41  
5 H.Bailey/K.Hunting Hunting Spl/Brodak 25 3:17.93 dnf  
6 A.Kerr/R.Justic Swooper/OS FX 25 3:20.65 3:33.00  
7 S.Rothwell/C.Scully Rocket/OS LA 25 3:26.25 3:37.87  
8 M.Wilson/L.Smith People Eater/OS FX 25 dns dnf 28  

Vintage A Teamrace

Was first away with Hallowell/Baker and the new R250 powered Elliptical in its first race setting the pace in the first heat with a workman like 3.22. The second heat was a cracker with Andrew Nugent and Paul Stein crossing line first in 3.17.62, just over a second in front of Richard Justic and Andy Kerr. Andrew was having his first competition fly for quite a while and handled himself with aplomb as he is a very experienced pilot. Murray Wilson and Lance Smith were having some issues with their usually reliable gear and should have been right on the heels of the other two. Two backwards starts in the first heat and a compression screw back-off on landing in the second heat put paid to their chances.

Steve Rothwell had Chris Scully performing pit duties with the Dimpled Dumpling. Chris was learning on the job and at the end of the day, could be justly proud of his second round 3.24. Steve was again using a Graupner 7x7 prop which he found works well at Albury, being ½ a second /10 faster than a full APC on the day. However, that’s not to say it’s the best prop for all conditions. Still lots more testing to do.

Harry Bailey and Ken Hunting teamed up as their respective flying partners were unavailable, John Hunting being ill in hospital. We all wish John a very speedy recovery. They flew well, but couldn’t crack into those sub 3.20’s that is now required to make a VTR final at just about every meet! How times have changed…I recall an era back in the 90’s when no one could break 4 minutes! What a revelation the R250 has been. With a clean, light model, anybody has the potential to win a race.


The second round provided the suspense we love in team racing. Justic/Kerr improved their time by more than a second and Nugent /Stein did almost the same. Both locked in their position in the top three. Then Hallowell/Baker improved to 3.19, despite going hard and slow for most of the second tank. Had a good engine run been there for the entire race, a 3.10 time would not have been out of the question.
It was left to the two newly crowned champs, Wilson/Ellins to tip them out with a do or die effort. As we all know, Mark is World F2C Champion and Graeme is the current British VTR champ. So these gun flyers gave it all and came up a fraction short. To be precise, 37/100th of a second short! That’s racing, boys!

The final was a Dimpled Dumpling vs Voodoo 5 vs Elliptical. All were quickly into the air but it was ‘race over’ straight away for the Ellipical as it was way under compressed. Nugent/Stein and Justic/Kerr had similar airspeed. It was going to be very close. As often happens in Vintage A, the position the motor cuts in the circle dictates the amount of time gliding and this can add 4 or 5 seconds to a stop. And there was little doubt this had a bearing on the eventual outcome.

Meanwhile, the Elliptical finally got the compression adjustment on the last tank and showed it was clearly the fastest model, passing the others with ease. But much too late! So it was Paul Stein who again showed his class with yet another victory. Andrew Nugent did a top job filling in for Paul’s usual pilot, F2C World Champ Rob Fitzgerald. No doubt Andrew will be in high demand over the coming months. Pilots of his calibre and experience are extremely rare!


Vintage A Teamrace
Pos Name   Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1 A.Nugent/P.Stein Dimp Dumpling/R250 3:17.62 3:16.59 6:48.84
2 R.Justic/A.Kerr Voodoo Mk 5/R250 3:18.91 3:17.35 6:55.69
3 J.Hallowell/N.Baker Eliptical/R250 3:22.00 3:19.13 7:43.66
4 G.Wilson/M.Ellins Dimp Dumpling/R250 3:56.26 3:19.50  
5 S.Rothwell/C.Scully Dimp Dumpling/R250 3:54.10 3:24.88  
6 M.Wilson/L.Smith Dimp Dumpling/R250 3:28.47 dnf 46  
7 K.Hunting/H.Bailey Tiger Terror/R250 3:47.88 3:37.40  
8 H.Bailey/K.Hunting Dimp Dumpling/R250 4:00.94 4:00.81