13 November 2011  

Speed; F2B; Burford Vintage A

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Today’s events of Speed, F2B Aerobatics and Burford A team race were held during humid and overcast conditions. There were no complaints though as there was only a little of the dreaded wind that can put an end to modelling activities when it gets excessive.

The Speed guy’s occupied the hard surface until the lunch time BBQ break. Soon after, the small entry of F2B models were given some relaxed competition airtime.

During the lull in competitions, lots of racers, combat and sports models were given some air time and tested. One of these models was a FAI Team racer built by Dennis Prior during the 1970’s.

Final event of the day was the “Burford A” team race. Ken Hunting would have entered but had to leave before the event was raced. That left only two teams, both of whom flew Footprint/Taipan combinations.


Bailey/Roberts had a model that had not been flown since the Dalby Nationals and during both heats was plagued with fuel blockage problems.

In a light hearted end to the second heat, the Bailey/Roberts model slowly completed 70 of the required 80 laps due to a fuel blockage. When the model finally came to a standstill for refuelling the Wilson/Ellins model had already finished the race.

Pilot Harry left the circle centre and retrieved the model. The model was refuelled and the needle valve opened up to get a running setting. The opposition pilot (Graeme Wilson) picked up the handle and flew the remaining required ten laps at a good pace. Needless to say, Wilson/Ellins gained the accolades for the day.

Harry Bailey


Burford A Team Race

    rd 1 rd 2 final
1. G.Wilson/M.Ellins 3:48.91   3:51.53
2. H.Bailey/P.Roberts 5:36.13   6:01.97


    rd 1 rd 2 final
1. Mark Ellins     801
2. Paul Stein     645