16 October 2011  

Classic FAI Team Race; Simple Rat Race; Goodyear

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Classic FAI event October 16 2011

There was a good turn out of models for Sundays Classic FAI, but the weather did not co-operate at first and the morning was very gusty (+55km winds rain and rather cold) and peppered with rain showers. It was decided to fly.

2.5 Rat and this event proceed on it it's conclusion, not effected so much by the weather. The rather damp participants then proceeded to lunch and over lunch the weather improved significantly and a very pleasant Sunday afternoon eventuated.

The turnout was 4 FORA 15D's and one Rothwell R250. It was obvious that the FORA's had range over the R250 (John Hallowell) at this stage, although the airspeed on the R250 was impressive, (and I am sure going down in venturi size will get the required laps,) and so were Murray's restarts.

Murray Wilson and Neil Baker were always going to be a competitive combination and also the World Champion F2C flicker Mark Ellins was always going to be hard to beat.

Heats proved to show that the racing was going to be close, with Graeme Wilson and Paul Stein pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, and going under Murray Wilson and Lance Smith record of 4:30 set earlier in the year, with a new heat time of 4:29.87. On paper they had it in the bag!


The team of Murray Wilson and John Hallowell there just piped out of the finals by Neil Baker, that extra pit stop was always going to do damage even with Murray's lightening fast first flick pit stops. Neil was very cannily creeping up on the FORA settings and managed to control the overheating nicely whilst maintaining excellent airspeed throughout the heats, with the final pit stop slowed by just a tad of overheating.

The final proved very exciting with World F2C champion Mark Ellins and Neil Baker going head to head, whilst the very competitive combination of Paul Stein and Graeme Wilson were sidelined with the return of a fuel blockage. Nell Baker used a combination of airspeed and tactics to keep the FORA in the lead throughout-out the race, steadily bringing home his advantage in laps and airspeed, and the proven tactic of landing a lap after Mark and effectively gaining the advantage each time. The FORA restarts were great in both pair of able hands and both ran a faultless race. Neil and Murray's overheating problem did not return and they stormed home for a very creditworthy win of 9:02.75 with Andrew and Mark chewing at their heels for a close second time of 9:18.16.

So great day was had by all and this event had proved to be both popular and spectacular. The day turned out to be a very pleasant way of spending a Sunday afternoon, warm and sunny with much lighter winds, very pleasant indeed!!

Lance Smith AUS 62894



Classic FAI Team Race

    rd 1 rd 2 final
1. M.Wilson/N.Baker 4:43.31 4:41.57 9:02.75
2. A.Nugent/M.Ellins 4:31.78 4:31.81 9:18.16
3. G.Wilson/P.Stein 4:33.59 4:29.87 DNF 58
4. J.Hallowell/M.Wilson 4:47.18 4:54.47  
5. K.Hunting/H.Bailey 5:57.19 DNF 34  

Simple Rat Race

    rd 1 rd 2 final
1. K.Hunting/M.Ellins 78 107 215
2. C.Ray/J.Ray 109 dns 208
3. G.Wilson/M.Wilson 107 dns 205
4. H.Bailey/P.Roberts 103 103