18 September 2011 (Rescheduled from 11 Sept.)  

Speed; Navy Carrier; Vintage Combat

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The scheduled competitions for last weekend were cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Today’s conditions were much more pleasant and the speed competition went ahead on the concrete circle.

The two freshly mown grass circles were in constant use with stunters, racers and combat models making the most of the prepared surfaces It was a great day for testing models and general sport flying and the lunchtime feed and chin-wag alone, were worth a trip to sunny Seaford.



Speed was run in ideal conditions in contrast to the weather that we were supposed to fly the week before.

A disappointing entry, I don't know what to do, I personally can't be bothered to build gear to fly with only a few people entering.

The Perky of Paul's finally reached the potential of the super tigre motor, it now holds the ''unofficial fastest Perky title.'' My old Enya decided it did not want to run properly so we did not have enough to get an Average speed, need a minimum of 3, we started of with 6?? another event dwindling.?!!

The next SPEED comp is at KNOX this Sunday 25th, Peter Koch is getting the field mown short, so please support it or they may not bother again, there is also the Stuntmasters trophy on.

MERLIN glow plugs are available in Australia now, I am going to find out who in Melbourne stocks them, you may have to order them in as there are 57 varieties available from std type to Nelson style, Glo Bee in all heat ranges. These are made in the USA by Al Kelly, who used to make c/l props years ago, he is now flying FAI Speed in the US. Go to the MERLIN web site and check them out. The Aussie agent is DYNAMIC HOBBIES in Melb if your local Hobby Shop does not know.

Also the following week on 1/2 October is another speed comp if you want a drive to Albury, nothing for months then everything.

See you at Knox. Robin Hiern


Combined Speed

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 14.24 14.03 14.07 14.03 256.59 99.93%
2 R Hiern FAI Profi N.E.Laps N.E.Laps 12.86 12.86 279.94 94.01%
3 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 15.34 15.38 15.37 15.34 234.68 91.40%
4 N Wake Class 1 OS 12 TZ 15.19 15.09 15.02 15.02 239.68 90.81%