20 March 2011  

Speed; Classic Stunt; Classic FAI T/R

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Hot and mild wind for our march comp.

First up was Noel with a new latest model OS 12 car motor for class 1, it has a large square head, tuning problems and therefore not enough laps in pylon put an end to that. Will need more testing, I suggest more pitch as I had similar problems with my older nova 12 years ago, I knew it had the power by test prop put screamed on ground and then rich in air and fast/slow in air, I had been using props I normally used for my class 1. It was trying to rev to 39,000 in air, too high, as soon as I put on more pitch it slowed to around 35,500 and very consistent speed and it went faster than I could have expected, way faster than my previous motors.

A lot of motors do not have to rev as fast as you expect especially if you read the advertising junk, my Nova .21 class 5's only rev to 30,800 and that was under Aussie record. Last month it broke record but I stuffed up and made the new lines 2inches 50mm too short, so I made a longer handle. (I hate making lines) I needed another handle anyway as it pays to have a handle set up for each model, I also gave the 11 year old model a repaint from red to Kermit Green. First flight did same speed within 1/100th second 13.62 last month, 13.63 yesterday, but weather/power was not as good or green is slower than red [joke]. Motor is getting faster all the time, God only knows how fast these novas can go.

Unfortunately I cannot claim record as lines were still 3/8ths inch.10mm too short, I stuffed up again, (old age), normally I make them about 3 inches too long in case contest tape is different to mine.

Noel had 3 flights with his nova .21 but speed down, why. His Class 2 OS 30 fell out of dolly and pulled back off model, not a good day, time for a good test day?

Another unlucky flier was Vern with his midge (phillteck 09), took of and clipped ground and wing and tail came off.



Combined Speed

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 13.63 D.N.S D.N.S 13.63 264.12 102.86%
2 R Hiern Class 2 Novarossi 21 10.54 D.N.S D.N.S 10.54 274.84 94.88%
3 R Hiern FAI Profi N.E.L 12.96   12.96 277.78 93.29%
4 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 17.65 16.60 17.89 16.60 216.87 84.46%
5 V Marquet Midge Philltec 09D N.E.L         0.00%
5 N Wake Class 2 OS 30 VG D.N.F D.N.S D.N.S     0.00%
5 N Wake Class 1 OS 12 N.E.L N.E.L D.N.S     0.00%




Pos Name


1st Flt 2nd Flt 3rd Flt Fastest KPH  
  P Stein ST. X15 56.87 51.79 50.63 50.63 114.43  
Classic Stunt Rd 1 Rd 2 Total
1. Mark Ellins Nobler Brodak 40 578 595 1173
2. Peter Roberts Nobler Brodak 40 485 522 1007
3. Paul Stein Nobler Brodak 40 492 505 997
4. John Hallowell Thunderbird ST 46 475 501 976
5. Gavan Opperman Cobra 7 LA 46 374 420 794

Classic FAI Team Race


Only 3 entries in Classic today as both Murray and Graeme Wilson had to leave for work. Also Lance was not able to attend due to illness. When Paulís model is finished we could have 5 or 6 entries which would be great.

The weather was great, about 25 degrees and a light breeze which was gusting at times. We had 3 different models and engines, a G20, a Rothwell and a Fora.

Two 3 up races were run, which were well contested by all involved. Neil was having tuning problems with Johnís Rothwell which caused both their times to be well off full potential.

Mark did well with my Fora powered Russian looking model. This engine has now had a lot of running and is a tad on the loose side when hot. This gave some inconsistent starts, but the champ had it sorted after a while. Our best time of 4.59 was with one slow stop and a hot second tank.

Harry Bailey and Ken hunting were doing well for airspeed with Kenís G20 powered model. Range was down to around 27 laps a tank which gave Harry the opportunity to do some extra pitting practice.

A good days flying with other events also being run. Good to see the field looking good after so much rain in the beginning of the year. See you all at the next Classic FAI comp later on in the year.

Andrew Nugent.

  Rd 1 Rd 2
Nugent / Ellins 5:32.56 4:59.13
Hunting / Bailey 5:56.56 5:32.75
Hallowell / Baker 6:20.50 5:56.63