06 March 2011  

Navy Carrier

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A bit over 12 months since we last had a Carrier Comp. So, after a couple of aborted attempts due to lousy weather and a wet flying field, we finally got some decent weather to get the deck out and do a bit of flying.

The day turned out to be a fairly relaxed affair rather than a serious comp with nearly everyone having a few problems of one sort or another. Harry and Bryce had their new Brodak Bearcats to try on the deck for the first time, both powered by Thunder Tiger 36's. The TT36 certainly doesn't lack grunt, Harry adopting the vertical take off technique !!

But low speed was giving both Harry and Bryce a few problems. Like most current radio engines the TT36 doesn't have a throttle stop on the carby, not necessary in a radio model but it makes reliable and accurate low speed throttling without shutting down on a carrier model much more difficult to set up. Something to consider when choosing an engine for Navy Carrier.

HP40 powered GS Bearcats were flown by Graham, Murray and Mark, Graeme with a fairly claged HP that's looking for a new ring and Murray having a few undercarriage problems.

Peter was flying his old Wildcat with an even older Orange Head Merco 29.

Paul's HP40 powered Brodak Guardian seems to have much improved handling now that the tailplane has been increased in area, and with it's big thick wing it should get some really good low speed times.

Conditions were a little breezy at times which made low speed a bit more challenging, but overall not a bad day.

Next Carrier Deck Comp is on 19th June.

Peter Roberts

Navy Carrier

Place Competitor Model / Engine High
Landing Bonus Total
1 Paul Stein Guardian HP40 27.19sec 89.03sec 90 30 181.84
2 Graeme Wilson Bearcat HP40 25.55sec 73.34sec 100 30 177.79
3 Mark Ellins Bearcat HP40 25.00sec 73.09sec 95 30 173.09
4 Peter Roberts Wildcat Merco 29 28.32sec 81.28sec 90 20 162.96
5 Harry Bailey Bearcat TT 36 22.47sec 48.63sec 85 30 141.16
6 Bryce Young Bearcat TT 36 25.56sec 61.78sec 15 30 81.78
7 Murray Wilson Bearcat HP40 29.43sec   Splash 30 59.43
A perfect arrested landing
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