02 March 2011  



There was a good roll up today, with Lance Smith, Andrew Nugent, Murray Wilson, Peter Roberts, Gavan Opperman and myself all getting stuck into a bit of practice. Weather was spot on after all the rain. Cloudy, light winds, low 20's and the occasional burst of sunshine made for ideal flying conditions. Flying was virtually constant from 11 am to 3 pm with a short lunch break for coffee, sandwiches and fruit.

I needed to test some racers for the South Australian State Champs which are in 10 days time. Would love to be heading to the Hunter Valley this weekend, but can't get any Vics to take the time off. Next time, I hope.

First up was the R250 Elliptical which performed flawlessly with a best of 22.07 and 43 laps. Wish it had performed like that at Dalby!

Next came the Irvine 25 Rocket which really knocked my socks off with a best of 14.78 for 7 laps. That's near enough to 122 mph and only on 15% nitro! Laps were around 41/42 with the APC 7x7. Just can't speak highly enough of these Irvine engines. This engine is Barton B standard except for a 5 mm venturi and the head set up by Lance. I look forward to hearing how Ray's goes in his Rocket. Hope his pilot is wearing his running shoes as he may be rotating quite fast!

Lance was next with his Flying Purple People Eater. His modified OS 25 FX engine made 15.5's for over 40 laps. We then flew the Orange Rocket and had plenty of laps and 15.5's were the norm once Andrew had worked on the tune.

Next up was the blue Streak with the latest Lance Smith prepared FX. Still running in, it also had 50 plus laps with a best of 15.4 but with more to come as the engine fit settles in.

Finally Murray got his pink and black Dimpled Dumpling in the air. It was going better than it did in Dalby with a fast and consistent setting of low 22's and low 40's laps. The R250 engine was the one that won the last British Nats.

Meanwhile, Gavan got in quite a few stunt flights to take advantage of the near perfect conditions. His aerobatics have improved a lot lately and he now flies the full stunt schedule. Doug Grinham had better watch out!

John Hallowell

Andrew Nugent prepares to start the Irvine Rocket with Gavan Opperman helping on battery.
Murray Wilson and his super quick R250 Dimpled Dumpling
Lance Smith fuels up the Flying Purple People Eater with his modified FX. These engines are available direct from Lance.
Gavan Opperman was practicing 4 leaf clovers with his Mirage.
Mirage has LA 46 up front.
Some of the lads in front of the new CLAMF clubhouse during a break in proceedings.