13 February 2011  

Speed; Navy Carrier; Vintage Combat

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The current weather patterns are continuing to play havoc with the scheduled flying days.

Three weeks ago the field was mown but the recent deluge created a flooded grass area which could not be mown again and the grass in some areas has grown to be a foot high. As a consequence Carrier Deck and Vintage Combat were cancelled but the Speed contest was able to go ahead on the concrete circle.

Part of a grass circle was mowed enough for some sports flying to take place.



Great weather, 25 degrees, overcast, no wind, for our first comp for 3 months, good POWER weather as well.

Good turnout as only speed was flown, the other comps were cancelled.

I flew my newer Nova Rossi 21 Class 5 model which finally turned the potential it has. Noel flew his Nova as well, needs more testing? He also flew his monoline OS 30 Class 2, but clipped ground just, and then next flight seemed short of fuel. I flew my 2 line Nova 21 class 2 but was a bit slow today.

Andrew Nugent flew his class 1 Nova (is there anything else), but still not going as fast and reliable as it should, got me stumped.

I then got out the old Profi FAI model, had not flown FAI for 12+? months, did a very satisfying 12.59 / 286 kph.

With some of the fast models FAI, Class 1, I am having trouble due to various health problems and old age. I flew my slower Nova 12, Class 1 to see if I could keep up, did 14.47 which is 6/10ths slower than the good one. At the end of 10 laps it was getting a bit tiring, the legs give up.

Only 2 Perky today and Noel had trouble with his so Vern wins with his ED2.46, he also flew midge powered by a Philteck, did ok, will be better with proper tune and Prop.

Noel had a new Vintage Proto a Keil Kraft DEMON powered by a OS 25 LA, but had a few problems so better next comp.

Thanks again to our timekeepers especially Ron Savage who helps us, but is not even a member.

Our next ClAMF comp is MARCH 20th, so please come, we hope to see Noel fly his little NIPPER!!!!????.



Combined Speed

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R Hiern Class 5 Novarossi 21 13.62 D.N.S. D.N.S. 13.62 264.32 102.94%
2 R Hiern FAI Profi 12.59 D.N.S. D.N.S. 12.59 285.94 96.03%
3 R Hiern Class 1 Nova Rossi 12 14.47 D.N.S. D.N.S. 14.47 248.79 94.26%
4 R Hiern Class 2 Novarossi 21 10.65 11.02 10.92 10.65 272.00 93.90%
5 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 16.14 16.09 15.85 15.85 227.20 88.48%
6 N Wake Class 2 OS 30 VG 12.28 N.E.L. D.N.S. 12.28 235.90 81.43%
7 A Nugent Class 1 Nova Rossi 12 17.25 16.97 D.N.S. 16.97 212.14 80.38%
8 M Wilson Classic FAI Rossi 15 RV 19.80 19.50 19.64 19.50 184.62 72.82%
9 V Marquet Midge Philteck 15.36 14.39 D.N.S. 14.39 100.65 61.50%
10 H Bailey Class 1 ASP 12 23.30 23.03 D.N.S. 23.03 156.32 59.23%
11 N Wake Vintage Proto OS25LA N.E.L. D.N.S. D.N.S.     0.00%
  N Wake Perky Force 15 N.E.L.          
  V Marquet Perky ED 2.46 Racer 60.75 63.11 N.E.L. 60.75 95.37