9 December 2007  

FAI Team Race; Goodyear; Mini Goodyear; FAI & Combined Speed

Photos courtesy of Paul Stein



The day's events started with the Speed model pilots arriving early in the morning to make full use of the concrete circle before the bulk of the team race guys arrived. Speed stalwart Noel Wake did not fly any models on the day but was there to help out with model timing and also put on the cooks apron for the lunchtime sausage sizzle.

The speed pylon was removed from the centre circle at lunchtime and the many times postponed Mini Goodyear State Championship started to get under way. Mini Goodyear is an official MAAA event but it is rarely flown in other States.

Some tuning flights took place and then we got into the racing. These models really do get up and go and the fast ones circulate in the 16 seconds for ten laps bracket which is comparable to the F2C rotational speed.


After two 100 lap races with two compulsory pit stops the three fastest teams went into a 200 lap final race. The Wilson/Ellins team have had a recent monopoly on this event but today the younger Wilson (Murray) teamed up with Paul Stein to grab the State Title honours.

Paul Stein had earlier in the day been testing his spark ignition engine powered stunter and various other types of models and pilots were also seen to be active.

Pictures from the day were taken by the camera of Paul Stein (Club President)

Mini Goodyear State Champs
  Model/ Motor R1 R2 Final
1 M. Wilson/ P. Stein Mr. D/ OS CZ 11 PS 3:44.41 DNS 7:57.40
2 G. Wilson/ M. Ellins Mr. D/ OS CZ 11 PS 3:41.84 DNS 8:05.19
3 C. Ray/ J. Ray Mr. D/ OS CZ 11 PS 4:08.57 3:55.72 DNF 117
4 K. Hunting/ N. Baker Mr. D/ OS CZ 11 P 4:40.87 5:15.52  
5 H. Bailey/ P. Roberts Mr. D/ OS CZ 11 PS 4:49.25 DNF 68  
6 J. Hallowell/ L. Smith Ol Blue/ OS CZ 11 PS DNF 84 DNS  


Combined Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R. Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 14.16 14.20 DNS 14.16 254.24 101.13%
2 J. Hallowell Vintage Proto Brodak 25 mk4 32.06 33.30 DNS 32.06 180.71 95.95%
3 R Hiern FAI Profi 2 13.54 13.50 DNS 13.50 266.67 91.41%
4 R Hiern Class 2 Novarossi 21 N.E.L. NT 10.98 10.98 263.83 91.07%
5 M Wilson Classic FAI Rossi 15 RV 21.40 19.02 N.E.L 19.02 189.27 74.66%
6 V Marquet Class 1 ASP 12 22.44 24.42 23.59 22.44 160.43 63.81%