11 November 2007  

FAI & Combined Speed; Aussie A Team Race; Simple Rat Race; Triathlon; Sport flying.

Photos courtesy of Paul Stein



The Frankston Club had a glorious day to hold their monthly competition day on Sunday 11th November. The enthusiastic crowd were treated to warm sunshine, slight breezes and a freshly cut, well prepared field.

Events listed for the day were Combined Speed, Aussie A Team Race, Simple Rat Race and Triathlon. There is always plenty of space for sports flying and quite a lot of that went on as well.

The Speed guys made good use of the concrete circle and a variety of models took to the air during the days' proceedings. Noel Wake had the misfortune to have a propeller and hand incident and had to go for medical treatment.

Aussie A Team Race took place in the morning. This event uses the same rules as Vintage A T/R but also allows the inclusion of modern plain bearing glow engines.


A quick break for a BBQ snag, a drink and a natter then it was time for Simple Rat Race. The condensed rules for this event are Unrestricted model design. Plain bearing unmodified engine. 5-minute heats and a ten-minute final.

The final was closely contested until a pitting incident handicapped a couple of the teams and the Bailey/Roberts team went on to claim the Laurels.

The Triathlon did not happen due to lack of time and potential entrants having to leave and do other things.

Sports flying with A combat models, F2D wings, Stunters and various racers and trainer models continued for a while.

The December competition day on Dec 9th will make full use of the concrete circle so the grass will be available for others to indulge in their pleasures.

Aussie A Teamrace R1 R2 Final
1. J. Hallowell/ L. Smith 4:11.91 DNS 8:52.72
2. J. Hunting/ K. Hunting 4:13.87 DNS 9:08.37
3. H. Bailey/ P. Roberts 4:23.75 4:24.32 11:12.97
4. C. Ray/ J. Ray 4:36.72 4:36.18  

Aussie A Team Race pics




Simple Rat Race R1 R2 Final
1. H. Bailey/ P. Roberts 101 DNS 202
2. J. Hunting/ K. Hunting 78 106 152
3. B. Young/ M. Wilson 96 94 97
4. C. Ray/J. Ray 69nps 89  
5. J. Hallowell/ L. Smith DNS DNS  

Simple Rat Race pics




Combined Speed Results

Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R. Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 13.82 DNS DNS 13.82 260.57 103.65%
2 R. Hiern Class 2 Novarossi 21 ATT 10.70 10.51 10.51 275.63 95.15%
3 J. Hallowell Vintage Proto Brodak 25 mk4 33.35 ATT DNS 33.35 173.72 92.23%
4 N Wake Class 5 Novarossi 21 15.57 DNS DNS 15.57 231.21 90.04%
5 R Hiern FAI Profi ATT 14.41 13.75 13.75 261.82 89.75%
6 N Wake Class 1 Novarossi 12 16.03 16.13 DNF 16.03 224.58 89.33%
7 D.Shackleford .049 VA MK 2 ATT 28.23 23.53 23.53 123.11 68.17%
8 V Marquet Class 1 ASP 12 29.93 30.21 28.75 28.75 125.22 49.81%
9 M Wilson Vintage Proto Brodak 25 mk4 ATT ATT DNS - - 0.00%

Sport Flying pics