14 October 2007  

Classic B Team Race; Vintage A Team Race; 1/2A Combat; Sport flying.

Photos courtesy of John Hallowell



1/2 A Combat Results

Pos Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4
1 S. Reeve W W L W
2 T. Caselli L W W L
3 M. Ellins W W W w/d
4 H. Bailey W L L  
5 R. Hiern L L    
6 M. Wilson L L    

Tony Caselli (Left) can still smile even though he was beaten in the final 1/2A Combat bout by Stephen Reeve.
Stephen‘s models were powered by Enya ball race glow engines that he had ordered direct from the Enya website.
At a cost of only $60 each the engines gave good value on their first outing.


  Classic B  

Sunday 14th October was club team racing at Frankston. A cloudy morning soon gave way to a fine day with moderate winds abating to light in the afternoon.

It was a good day for flying with four teams each in A & B. We would have had the usual six teams but Lance Smith was battling the flu on the eve of his trip to NZ to compete in a 1000 lapper and the Cosmic Rays thought it was too windy at their country home. It was good as gold. Truly!

Classic B was first away on the freshly mown grass circle at the top of the field, thanks to the top effort put in by Don, Harry, Mark and others. No one was missing flying at Knox. There's strength in numbers at CLAMF.

Time for the first heat. Speed man Robin Hiern was flicking the Brodak
powered orange Swooper and his quick starts gave Hallowell/Hiern the FTD of 3.07.44. They finished well in front of Harry Bailey and Peter Roberts on 3.29.81 with the familiar vee tailed Backtrack with OS 25 FP. Yes, Harry does have a B25R. Yes, he is building a new model for it and yes; he will be 'on the pace' again very shortly!

Graeme Wilson and Mark Ellins who recorded an easy paced 3.13.84 to finish ahead of the old firm of Ken and John Hunting on 3.43.19 easily won the second heat. Yes, they are still known as the Dream Team. Yes, they do have a B25R or two and no, they weren't using it today. I'm sure they will in the future!


It was decided to hold two 140-lap finals. Hallowell/Hiern and Wilson/Ellins were first up. Robin showed he hasn't lost his T/R touch by beating F2C whiz Mellins into the air. Gavan Opperman who is returning to C/L flying after more than 40 years ably assisted Robin on battery.

The Swooper had a slight edge in rpm and speed over Graeme's B25R Rocket and managed a few passes. At the 70 lap mark, the Swooper was timed at 3.01 which is under the best ever Australian or US heat time in Classic B.

The race finished with Hallowell/Hiern stopping the clock at 6.15.53, which is about the 3rd best final time ever recorded. The good thing here is there is definitely a lot more to come! Graeme and Mark finished on
6.33.97. Admittedly this was just a two up club event, so the times should have been a bit quicker than a full on three up race. Never the less, it was good practice and good fun.

In the other final, the Dreamers posted a 7.54.56, which, by the way, just betters the old Australian Class B record of 7.55 set by Les Squires and his Grassfire back in the early 1960's. Harry and Peter soldiered on with one very slow stop to record 8.16.72.

    Heat - 70 Laps Final - 140 Laps
1 Hallowell/Hiern 3.07.44 6.15.53
2 Wilson/Ellins 3.13.84 6.33.97
3 Hunting/Hunting 3.43.19 7.54.56
4 Bailey/Roberts 3.29.81 8.16.72

Classic B racing teams at Frankston.
L to R:- P. Roberts/H. Bailey; G. Wilson/M. Ellins; R. Hiern/J. Hallowell and battery boy Gavan
Opperman in front; J. Hunting/K. Hunting.

The “Swooper“ that was flown into first place.


  Vintage A  

Time for Vintage A. So it was back across to race on the hard surface where four teams started rolling out the lines and finding a tune. Son of a gun Murray Wilson teamed up with John Hallowell and were flying Murray's Voodoo 1 with R250. In the first heat they posted a 3.27 with a next to perfect start and stop.

The Rothwell had the standard 3.8 mm venturi fitted and needed to go to 4.2 for extra rpm and speed. Top Gun combat ace Murray was again showing his versatility as a modeller with a fine display of catching and first flick starting.

Graeme and Mark had a 4.3 venturi on board and the extra speed made for the anticipated 10-second difference in the heat times. Their entry of 3.16.94 in the CD's notebook reflected the flying, starting and landing capabilities of this highly experienced and super efficient team.


The Huntings made 3.48 with their CS powered Tarantula while Harry and Peter were starting to press with a 3.37. A fly off for the 3rd spot in the final then took place between the Dreamers and Bailey/Roberts with the latter again doing a consistent time of 3.36 to qualify. It was the stopwatch box for the Dream Team!

Despite Wilson/Ellins breaking their tailplane in the heat, the magic of super glue prevailed and they lined up for the 180 lapper. They had an edge in airspeed and John and Harry could only watch as they went sailing past their racers. With Mark's quick stops they recorded their best ever final time of 6.52.81.

John and Murray were back on 7.12.59 with Harry and Peter finished in third place on 8.03.90.

    Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1 Wilson/Ellins 3.16.94   6.52.81
2 Hallowell/Wilson 3.27.44   7.12.59
3 Bailey/Roberts 3.29.81 3.36.37 8.03.90
4 Hunting/Hunting 3.48.15 4.01.57  

Vintage “A” teams were similar to the B class racing
with the exception being the Hallowell/Wilson combination that flew the blue “Voodoo”

  Keep those lines tight.

John Hallowell,
VH 1984.