12 August 2007  

FAI & Combined Speed; Classic Stunt; Mini Goodyear (State Champs); Sport flying.

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Photos courtesy of Harry Bailey


  Classic Stunt     Results....  

A cold gusty wind made flying a bit interesting. Mark managed to persuade his well worn Nobler to stay away from the ground long enough to come out on top. John also did a nice job handling the conditions with his Tucker, Peter didn't... decking the Nobler in Rd 2 !! Graeme turned up with an Avenger he's had lying around somewhere, denying rumours that he's preparing for retirement by taking up stunt !! Steve Mitchell took care of the judging... thanks Steve !

1st Mark Ellins Nobler / Fox 35 1705
2nd John Hallowell Tucker Special / OS35 FP 1691
3rd Peter Roberts Nobler ARF/Brodak 40 1473
4th Graeme Wilson Avenger/OS 35 1446
Combined Speed Results
Pos Name Class Engine Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Fastest Km/h %
1 R. Hiern Vintage 2.5 1957 OS Max-2 15 20.14 18.58 DNS 18.58 193.76 108.72
2 M. Wilson Vintage Proto Brodak 25 MK 4 32.73 31.22 DNS 31.22 185.57 105.16
3 R. Hiern Class 1 Novarossi 12 14.50 14.36 DNS 14.36 250.70 99.72
4 J. Hallowell Vintage Proto Magnum 25 34.68 35.10 34.10 34.10 169.90 96.28
5 R. Hiern Class 2 Novarossi 21 11.42 11.10 10.48 10.48 276.41 95.42
6 H. Bailey Vintage Proto OS 25 FP 36.10 35.54 DNS 35.54 163.02 92.37
7 N. Wake Class 1 Marz .15 15.96 15.71 15.73 15.73 228.86 91.04
8 M. Wilson Classic FAI Rossi 15 RV 18.49 18.40 18.83 18.40 195.65 77.17
9 N. Wake Vintage Proto FROG 500 55.85 108.13 DNS 55.85 103.74 58.78
10 N. Wake Vintage FAI 1960 Super Tigre G20/15 DNF DNS DNS      
10 R. Hiern Class 4 Profi NEL DNS DNS      

Other event reports to follow ......



  1957 speed model ....OS Max II ~.15 powered.......  


A few years ago i built a "REPLICA" of the Tony Farnan /Graham Rice speed model that had Australian record in 1957 and won the Tasmanian Nats.

It is powered by the same type of motor, a OS MAX II ~15 glo motor ,it also has a fibre glass pan as used on the original.

Motor is modified as they all did back then but nothing that was not available at the time, uses a 6x7 wood prop, ordinary sport plug and nitro fuel.
The record was 178.22kph in 1957. On Sunday at the Frankston comp I managed to finally break it. It is now 193.7 kph using the same 52ft lines.

The aim was to fly old speed models and fly against the old records, but USING THE SAME TECHNOLOGY. It is all about having fun and developing motors and models.

We have a speed comp nearly every month in Melbourne, and we always fly, if weather is no good we try next week.

By having regular comps it gives something to aim for, and to improve


next month, all it takes in other States is to have a ring around and all get together and have a comp or just a fly, there are plenty of models out there ready to fly, you wont be competitive first time, but regular flying and you will, Rome was not built it a day.

My first speed flight in a comp was a wing over.

You don't have to fly national classes just dream up some classes for local comps, JUST SO LONG AS SAFETY IS ADHERED TO.

And please send to newsletter what is going on as this encourages others to start, and send in photos, the newsletter needs articles..........

Next comp is at Frankston on Sept 9th then at Albury FAI as NSW State Champs, then we will have combined speed after. We can run the long lines as it looks like we don't fly at KNOX any more!!! as a calendar has not been done???!!!

So please make the effort to get models out and join in .......

Robin Hiern